Spanish La Liga Top Scorer

The Spanish La Liga is one of the most competitive football tournaments in the world. For a competition that has over 20 participating teams, being named the Spanish La Liga top goal score is a great honor, not only to the player but also to the team. It is not hard to predict who will win this season’s top scorer award, since the past has proved that the progress a player starts with is reflected at the end game. Last season saw Lionel Messi from Barcelona win the Spanish La Liga top scorer with 46 goals while followed by Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Falcao of Atletico Madrid with 34 and 28 goals respectively.

This season, there is a high possibility that Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo will take home this coveted prize as he is currently in first position on the top scorers table with 23 goals and one more match to go before the end of the season. He is however followed closely by Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa who has a total of 21 goal and has one more game to prove his worth before the season ends. If Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the Spanish La Liga top goal score 2013/2014, it will add more titles to his ever growing profile. It will be his second time winning it as he previously held the title for the Spanish La Liga top goalscorer 2010/2011.

With only a few matches remaining, Cristiano Ronaldo is under a lot of pressure to perform in Real Madrid’s match against Levante that will be held on 9 March 2014. On the other hand Diego Costa of Atletico Madrid seem to have his eyes set on the Spanish La Liga top scorer award and if all goes well during their 8th March 2014 match against Celta vigo, then the title might go to him. But this is a game of chances and the only way to be sure who will get this prestigious title is to wait for the fixture dates.

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